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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ultimate Windows Customizer, a must utility for Windows 7 Users

If you are the one who loves to tweak Windows, taking it from default Windows to highest customize and personalized level then the utility which we will be discussing today is must for you. Ultimate Windows Customizer, as the name suggest is the tool with which you customize most visual & hidden settings of Windows 7.
The utility comes from TheWindowsClub member Lee Whittington. You might have come across many small portable utilities which lets you to customize one or two features but Ultimate Windows Customize is way too ahead and includes tons of options for customization. For reference following are broader categories under which many tweaks and customization are provided by UWC,
Windows Explorer, Context Menu, Libraries, Logon Screen, Start Orb, Taskbar, Settings & Extras, Windows Media Player & Miscellaneous.

Considering the risk of messing up system file and registry, UWC has been designed to make system restore point and backup all the settings at the first time when you install on your system.
Also, every time you make changes or tweak settings, Ultimate Windows Customizer will create system restore points, which may come handy in event of system crash. UWC has been designed with auto update option which will notify you as soon as new updates are available.
At the moment when we tested UWC, it was throwing many errors, which means the utility still needs bit of work and not to forget the beta tag. The author of app plans to add more features & Support for Windows 8 in the next update , make sure you report bugs, if any you found over here.
Ultimate Windows Customizer supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.
Download Ultimate Windows Customizer.

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