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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Top 5 Software to create Videos from Photos

Since Digital Cameras have become cheap, it has become must carry thing on Holiday Tours. Landscapes, “we”, the bar, the hotel, the palm tree, the bush and the thousands of fuzzy duplicates. Our virtual photo albums are full of the most improbable shots, repeated in many different ways.
Perhaps, after returning from the vacation, we have a distressing habit of forcing friends and relatives to attend endless projections of photos accumulated. To mitigate the drama, the first advice is, of course, to make a skimming. But it might not be enough.
The best solution may be to create slideshows with music: will take a little time and ‘commitment, but results will be more satisfied and our loved ones may even discover that the ritual photographic projection back from vacation can be an enjoyable experience!
Among the numerous software to create video from photos and music we have chosen five, in our opinion the best:

The Easiest

MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVDEasy to use. A wizard guides you in creating the slideshow, and you do not have to worry about anything. If you are a beginner, it’s a good option to bet on. It supports many different formats in the entry, which can save you from the boredom of having to convert video files, audio or image to be.
Two Disappointing things in the overall evaluation of the program: the heaviness of the application in terms of resources and the highest quality output, which remains very low. But let’s face it, often export to HD is totally useless and sometimes counterproductive. So, if you’re not a video artist and you’re not obsessed by the high quality MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD is a good solution.

The Microsoft Classic

Windows Movie Maker – What can I say? Well, which needs no introduction. Present by default in Windows XP, is now back with a version for Windows Vista and 7. A holy hand for his followers having regard to the disappointment of the successor to  Windows Live Movie Maker.
If you’re a traditionalist, you do not like change and you are fond of the old editor of Redmond OS, then continue on your way. It is true, those who leave the old road to the new … But for once, is it better to trust those who have already tried alternative routes? Windows Movie Maker is really very basic and supports a few formats.

Working in High Definition

Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD – Guarantee of stability and efficiency, can not go wrong with this program. Operation is intuitive, clear interface but with many features at your fingertips. The editor is not particularly rich, but to make the transition effects are many and are automatically inserted between a photo and the next. If you want you can also add subtitles or audio commentary. The strong point remains the ability to export movies in full HD quality . In short, if you want reliability, quality and an intuitive your search ends here.

For DVD Player

DVD Slideshow GUI – DVD Slideshow GUI program to create presentations designed specifically for your DVD player. Obviously with all the corollaries various outbuildings, including the ability to create the menu for the DVD , save to the subtitles, and divided into chapters. Do not expect much more though: the interface is very sparse, most of the available effects and does not support drag and drop . The output quality is high, but it gets better.

Multiple Devices, Many Formats

Photostage – is itself a pretty basic program, available with fewer side effects- installation of other applications for video editing. You can install Video, Photo and Wave editor when the installation file, but if not you felt at the time, you can always do it later by pressing Later. The best things about it are the usability of the application, the output video format and the ability to export in HD. If you do not have excessive demands and prefer the high compatibility of format you are made ??for each other!
In conclusion, each of these 5 programs has its pros and cons and the choice depends on your personal needs… Which one do you prefer?

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