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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Troubleshoot Windows 8 System Crash with Windows 8 Log Collector

System crashes are hard to prevent especially when it’s Windows Operating system. Worst it is even more difficult to fix them without log files. Hence most IT admins often rely on log files to detect and fix system crashes or conflicting hardware, however it becomes very cumbersome task when you got hundreds of computers on network and manually collection all log files.
What if you can have tool which can automatically collect all the log files on Windows OS, do you think will be help for you?? If you answer is yes then here is freeware tool Windows 8 Log Collector.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

How to Copy The Files Blocked by a program

While working with windows you tried to copy a file but unfortunately windows won’t allow you to copy that file and also display a message that the file is being blocked by a program. Moreover you might be in very need of that file. There is a way to copy the blocked files. You can copy any file that is blocked by a program. By default Windows will never allow you to copy a program/file that is currently being used by windows. Most probably you will face this situation when you try to copy video files that has just been played in your browser it may be Internet Explorer in most cases. I used to do this before and ” i can’t copy a file that is being used” . There are certain sites that block files this way. So i tried to find a solution (to copy any files that are blocked by a program) for this.

How to Copy / Backup Changed or Modified Files Automatically

Daily computer users make a lot of changes to their system. There can be mistakes that can happen such as accidentally overwriting an important file or accidentally deleting it. What ever be it we dont (most of us) usually are reluctant to make backups. This is seriously frustrating when we have a lot of files that need to be backed up, which are changed most often. So it is really a time consuming task backing up or copying the modified files, when they are in bulk. So here is a nice software than can help you out of this tedious job of backing up/copying only the changed or modified files automatically.

how to Restore Bookmark on Firefox

If you are the type of person who depends on website bookmarks a lot for reading and for your work, you’ll have hard time when you lose them or accidentally delete them.

You might sometimes delete the bookmarks accidentally or the bookmark might not work due to a corrupt file. You’ll be saved in such a situation if you have activated the cloud sync service that Firefox provides. Yes, firefox sync feature is staggering useful if activated, you’ll not have the pain of moving your firefox data to another pc for resuming your browsing session. Syncing firefox on a new pc would help you resume the work you’ve paused in another pc. Its really that useful. Sorry about talking too much regarding this, I’m sure this tend some users to start using the sync feature if you’ve still haven’t started using it.

How to Reset Windows 8 Setting to Factory Default

With Windows 8, its now far more easy to get your computer to previous state. You now no longer need to reinstall windows from the beginning to get the settings to factory default.  Reset Your PC option in windows 8 will help you restore the settings to the default. Caveat: You will lose all your documents and files stored in the drive you’ve installed windows 8.
  • Insert the Windows 8 DVD into the drive / a bootable windows 8 USB Drive.
  • Open up “ Control Panel ” from the main Mero Window.
  •  Click on ” General ” and you could see the ” Reset Your PC & Start Over ” option on the right panel.

Top 5 Software to create Videos from Photos

Since Digital Cameras have become cheap, it has become must carry thing on Holiday Tours. Landscapes, “we”, the bar, the hotel, the palm tree, the bush and the thousands of fuzzy duplicates. Our virtual photo albums are full of the most improbable shots, repeated in many different ways.
Perhaps, after returning from the vacation, we have a distressing habit of forcing friends and relatives to attend endless projections of photos accumulated. To mitigate the drama, the first advice is, of course, to make a skimming. But it might not be enough.
The best solution may be to create slideshows with music: will take a little time and ‘commitment, but results will be more satisfied and our loved ones may even discover that the ritual photographic projection back from vacation can be an enjoyable experience!
Among the numerous software to create video from photos and music we have chosen five, in our opinion the best: