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Friday, 30 December 2011

Speedup Windows 7 Startup with My Startup Delayer

Windows exhibits typical characteristics of system slow down, slow startup and frequent crashes as the time passes after fresh installation of Windows operating system. Though Microsoft has significantly improved the booting time from Vista to Windows 7 but there is no control over the applications which adds entry to startup process list in order to auto start with every Windows boot.
This could be very frustrating, especially when you want to quickly go online for some reason and patiently waiting for your System to startup. Not any more, My Startup Delayer is here to rescue you. As the name suggests, this is small application designed to help in removing or delaying the applications which auto starts with Windows there by increasing overall Windows boot time.
My Startup Delayer has simple user interface and multiple options to adjust delay of application launch on startup as per your need. It also offers option to either delay or completely disable selected application from Windows Startup.
My Startup Delayer is portable app, so it doesn’t need any installation. Simply download and run My Startup Delayer. You will notice that when you run this app, it provides you the list of all the application currently added into Windows Startup process list.

Right clicking on any entry and you will be provided with an option to Delay, Disabled or set Normal. You can also check the current status of any exe present in startup.

The executable set as delayed will be highlighted in yellow bar.

You can also define the delay options such as seconds to wait before launching delayed executable or seconds to wait before launching every executable etc. This will help you to prevent system becoming unresponsive during startup.

Please note that if you plan to remove My Start Delayer then you must revert back all the delayed executable to normal.
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