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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How To Upload Image To Google Earth

As the name says, add your images to Google Earth, in just a few simple steps.
Yes, its so easy.

1.You must have the original image of the location or object.

First of all, go to
Then, signup there, a google account will work there, because panoramio is a partner of google.
Now, login, and upload your image or images there, you can upload upto 10 images at a time, and then give title and description to each image.
After that, your images will not be published in Google Earth, you have to do an important work now.
These below steps are important to publish your images in google earth.

1.Open each image one by one.
2.You will find an option, "Map this image" on your right screen.
3.Click on it.
4.Search the place, by typing keywords, like India gate, new delhi.
5.It will show a map with india gate.
6.Place the marker where you wanna show your image in google earth.
7.And, click on save.
8.All done from your part.
9.Now, google team will review these images and will approve/disapprove it.
10.Reviewing may take some time, normal time is 2 or 3 days.
11.And, if they approve it, your images will be published at Google Earth.

Important Notes:-

1.Your images will be published to Google Earth only when the Google Earth team approve it.
2.After approval your images may take few days, to show in Google Earth, because panoramio takes some time to transfer images to Google Earth, the normal time of transfer after approval is 10 to 20 days.

Things to remember:-

1.Give suitable and perfect titles in english language.
2.Add a good description of each images.
3.MUST map it or your images will not be reviewed and selected.

Some Important status by panoramio and its meaning:-

This photo is selected for Google Earth.
This status means your image has been selected for Google Earth, and will be published as soon as possible.
This photo has not yet been reviewed.
This status means your image is still waiting for approval by Google Earth Team.
This photo has not been selected for Google Earth.
This status means, your image has been disapproved, and wont be published at Google Earth.

Now, you know everything about adding images to google earth, but if you are still having problem, then feel free to pm me.


We CANNOT guarantee of 100% success or addition of images to google earth, it depends on the approval of your images by google earth team.
In most cases, google earth approve it and publish it, i just uploaded 17 images of chunar fort, uttar pradesh, and they approved 17 out of 17, and now after 9 days, my images are at google earth.

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